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Mid Atlantic Auto Finance

Contact Mid Atlantic Auto Finance Today Through the Form Below. If You Need Immediate Assistance, It’s Always Best to Call Us at (609) 861-2295.

Passtime Gps

Override Command: in the Event Your Vehicle is Disabled, You Are Entitled to (2) 24 Hour Emergency Codes. Call Us at 609.861.2295 During Normal Business Hours to Generate Codes.

If We Are Closed:
1. Vehicle Starting Sequence: Insert Key in Ignition. Turn Key to the “on” Position, Then Back to “Off” Position 5 Consecutive Times Within 30 Seconds to Initiate Override Command.

2. Use Passtime Override Mobile App: With the App Installed on Your Smart Phone, Use Instructions in App to Request an Override Command. Available for Iphone & Android.

3. Contact Passtime Support at (800) 865-3260.

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